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For a quote on commision work, questions about any of our products, or help with placing your order, don't hesitate to contact MT by email at  or by using the contact form bellow

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Can't get enough of MT?  You'll most likely find her working away at one of her frequent collaboration projects with these amazing artistic companies. Feel free to let curiosity get the better of you and go see what she is up to!


MT creates exclusive hand appliqué designs for the quilts & wall hangings of the wondrous, renown Kerry Burke of Simple Bird Appliqué. The designs are very unlike any other appliqué patterns available elsewhere and perfectly suit the high attention to detail and fresh, bright elegance that Kerry always achieves in all her work.

Kerry gladly shares her magic on her blog and in person through classes around the world and is definitely a must see for any quilting fan!


MT is the main artist of a Sculpting Studio, an amazing creative art company involved in large & small scale, beautifully unique art pieces.


She does design, sculpting, fine art painting and any other art related work that may be required for any given project.

The fun is endless.

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