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-   ABOUT MT  -

MT is Marilyn Tardif, a French Canadian multi medium artist.  Born of two photographers, her immediate exposure to the world of pictures no doubt helped her understand the power a visual medium can have.

Then once she discovered illustration books full of colors, and picked up her first crayon, her fate was sealed.  She would be an artist.  There never was any other choice in her mind.

Growing up, she moved repeatedly across the country.  Canada being a very large one, each province held quite distinct cultures, scenery and histories vastly different from one another.  These were endlessly, not only fascinating, but inspiring to her.  She went on to win numerous art competitions, prizes, awards and exhibits on a national level with this as a theme.

Today you can find her selling her art online, doing commissioned works, graphic designs, paintings, sculpting, murals, illustrations in books as well as participating in the occasional art exhibit.  She is a busy lady and thankful everyday to engage in something she is so very passionate about


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